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Brains & Wisdom is a black owned and managed corporation that offers integrated HR management consulting, training, transformation & talent management. The corporation was founded by professionals who have vast amount of management consulting experience, having worked as specialists and consultants in a number of leading corporate and consulting companies. This experience, combined with a deep understanding of business challenges facing South African organisations places Brains & Wisdom Consulting in a unique position to offer tailor made solutions that meet our clients' specific needs.


A key element in our consulting methodology is our focus on understanding our clients needs whilst complying with professional and ethical requirements. Our consultants takes pride in anticipating and responding to clients needs through innovative and creative solutions. Our consulting approach is informed by our extensive experience and knowledge acquired through the many years of consulting to both government and private companies. We listen and work closely with our clients to diagnose and develop solutions to problems.


We believe we have a purpose. Our purpose is:

  • To become a recognisable and knowledge driven consulting brand of choice.
  • Provide knowledge driven solutions that gives our clients the competitive edge.
Strategic Intent
  • Knowledge is Power
  • With us you have the competitive edge
"Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve"

We want to achieve with our customers by creating sustainable business solutions.


We will achieve our vision and mission by striving to live the following values:
  • Service Excellence: We commit to executing our services in a professional and excellent way.

  • Respect: We respect the individual and will seek, value and promote differences of reach, nationality, gender, age, background, experience and style.

  • Integrity: We will do what we say.

  • Honesty: We will speak openly and directly, with care and compassion, and work hard to understand and resolve issues.

  • Teamwork: Working on real customer needs, we will combine technical excellence and ideas to produce exceptional results.
We believe that we offer a unique solution...
  • We offer upfront clarity on what you will get the("what will be delivered").

  • A team of professionals with extensive training and experience in management consulting, project management and general human resources management.

  • Understanding of the resourcing challenges facing our energy sector.

  • Full support during any one or more of the stages in the consulting and recruitment process.

  • An extensive network of experts and associates.

  • Personal attention: A professional consultant will focus on your specific needs until a solution is found.

  • We offer cost-effective and professional support that will save you time and money
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